I’m Jill – lover of shadow & light.
We each create a million versions of our
own selves – who we think others want to see.
Let me photograph the person under all
those layers of expectation.
Stripped-down, bare, vulnerable, real.
Give me an hour and I’ll show you yourself.
I’ll meet you in your home (or wherever
feels like home.) I believe love is love,
Black Lives Matter, all abilities
should be respected and gender is
non-binary.  I’ll find the
light and you’ll bring your story.
Can’t wait to tell it.


Capturing vulnerability, emotion and realness in intimate portraiture.

Based in Baltimore, MD but available for travel.

LGBTQ+ Affirming.

I want to work with people who want to spend a few minutes tuned into themselves, free of the rules of the world. Just you, being you. Wearing what you want, or nothing at all.

Contact me here.



    • What genre is this?     Sort-of boudoir but less glamorous than many imagine. The emphasis of these sessions is to get to know you and to find the angles that push you to the edge of your comfort level.  It’s not necessarily the goal to be pretty and sexy, but the results almost always have some of that.  These aren’t the images you make to give as a gift to your partner but they might love them all the same.  It’s something you do for yourself and if I’m doing it right, you’ll come back to your partner a little more in touch with yourself with images to prove it .  This isn’t glamour photography – if you want a session where you feel the most beautiful, pampered and glamorous you’ve ever felt – I’m happy to refer you to someone who specializes in that style.  
    • Where can I see more? On Insta @jillianmillsphotographer or in our awesome group www.facebook.com/groups/jillianmills
    • Do I have to get completely naked? Can I?     No, you don’t and yes, you can! We’ll talk about your specific requests, what consent means to you and how you might push your boundaries but not overstep them.
    • What should I wear?      Teeshirt and jeans, lingerie, boxer briefs, nothing – whatever you feel comfortable in.  I suggest bringing a matching bra and panty for women.  I do not provide wardrobe but I’ll help you shop if you’d like.
    • Do you only work with women?     I work with everybody – man, woman, non-binary – I want to work with you.  
    • What if I hate how I look in photos? I can’t change how you see yourself, but I can offer you the opportunity to learn to love your body.  I received the best advice from a fellow photographer, Julie Heisey, and I’d love to share it with you:
      You live in a world that tells you if you are young, thin, straight, white (..and so on) you have more sexual worth, you are more attractive or you are even morally better for it . It makes perfect sense that if you do not fit that image of perfection, you’ll experience discomfort with your own body and the images of it. You’re inundated daily with messages that thin is healthy, well, right, pretty, beautiful – so if you hate how you look in the photos, I’ll invite you to sit with your feelings and say “And?” Are you going to let someone else’s beauty ideal decide how you feel about your glorious bod. Then, if you will,  straight up reject it.  Reach out to me and tell me what you’re feeling and let me validate those feelings.  Let yourself feel those emption, then frame that damn photo.  
    • Do you photograph couples or groups?      I do!  Intimacy and vulnerability are topics to be explored both individually and with the people you love and care about.  Best friends, couples, partners, polycules, FWBs, triads… and people with whom you don’t have a strict definition.
    • Do I have to be published on the blog/IG?      At this point in time, the project is based on capturing and sharing some of the sides of yourself so agreeing to a session means agreeing to share some of the images.  Specific requests are best handled on a case by case basis so don’t let this scare you, shoot me a message and we’ll chat about how this might look for you. 
    • What ages do you work with? Adults 😉
    • Can I have a drink or two before the session starts?       Pretty, pretty please plan on being sober for your session. 
    • What kind of editing do you offer?       The images are edited intuitively to capture the mood and emotion I feel best fits the image and your story.  Some are more light any airy, some very moody, about 75% will be black and white.  I’ll remove distractions from the image – such as blemishes or that bruise from walking into your coffee table every day (wait, is that just me?)  but I’m not going to make you thinner or smoother or smaller.
    • Can you edit my double-chin, wrinkles, rolls, cellulite, etc, etc? First of all,  I don’t think that any of those things are unattractive or ugly or need editing. We’ll talk about your insecurities and I will aim to flatter you in images with lighting, posing and editing but I will not erase any part of you.
    • Will their be anyone else present during the shoot?     My preference is to have this be one-on-one, just you and the photographer – but there are a few situations where that might not be the case.  In the situation that we’ve never met before and we don’t have mutual friends, I might bring someone with me who will not be present for the session unless you consent to that.  You may want to bring someone with you for your own comfort, but sometimes that can put you in the box of what you think might be acceptable to that person rather than going with your own gut.
    • Is there someone who could do my make-up?  Yes! I highly recommend Melissa Collazo (melissacollazomakeup @ gmail.com) – we’ve worked together for years and she’s a talented and trustworthy professional make-up artist. 
    • What is the cost?  A 1-hour portrait session at the location of your choice (within 10 miles of 21122) including your choice of 3 digital images is $300.  After the session you’ll receive an online proofing gallery with all the images from your session (20+) from which you’ll choose your 3 favorites.  You may purchase additional digital images, prints or wall art from your gallery but there is no obligation to purchase more.  Payment is due in full to reserve your appointment.
    • Do I get prints or digital images?  Your session includes 3 full-resolution digital images with print release and the option to purchase professional printed artwork.